WWII Museum north of Kiev

Friday, April 15, 2016

A free day this weekend but no time to get to far away from Kiev. I had heard tell of a museum just north of Kiev about the bridge head the Soviets had across the Dnepr in 1943. I decided to make a day out of it. The weather was overcast and chilly but better than staying home!
The Planned Route
Just on the outskirts of Kiev I came across this little thing. Not sure what it is for but it looked cool
It was made of copper and stone
Then I kept driving north. There wasn’t much to see honestly and not much traffic. The road conditions were fair though so I couldn’t complain!
I got to the town of Demidyiv which is where the museum was located. It was a bit difficult to find as it was set off on the back side of the town and was kind of behind everything.
It wasnt very big inside but they had this little bike, a Wanderer I believe it was
They also had this Diorama that was pretty crazy. Its amazing to think all the forest and what not around us was gone and replaced with shell holes, equipment and bodies.
This statue was in the back of the museum. They had a nice probably acre of outdoor exhibit with artillery guns and also some restored trench works
One of the bunkers that was in the trench works they had there. It was quiet interesting to walk around in the trenches. I assume people weren’t very big because I felt like half my body was exposed when I stood.
All and all I really like the Museum. It wasn’t to much so you weren’t exhausted at the end of it and it wasn’t overly crowded. If I am in the area again I will stop by for sure.