WWII in Vologda

Monday, July 14, 2014

On my way out in the morning I stopped here to take some photos. It is some kind of recreation of an ancient ritual site where magic was performed…..
Started to drive to Vologda. It was 600km away but luckily the road was almost new the whole way!!!!!
Found this little church along the way dedicated to the people from the area who died in WWII
Finally got to Vologda and was needing some more money, the whole tire fiasco added up in a hurry. tried to go to a ATM my credit card was denied.. tried my Bank card denied…. Called them up and they said ohh its not us it probably has to do with the sanctions from America placed on Russia….
Well **** I guess I am not staying in a hotel tonight.
Anyways I checked out Vologda This building was used as a hospital during the war.
During the early part of the war in Russia a lot of people were evacuated to this area as the Germans advanced. So there are a lot of graves around from the wounded men who were evacuated and didn’t make it. After the war a lot of POW’s were kept around the area also.
Anyways Vologda walking park
Lenin saying hello as normal
There is also a Kremlin in Vologda though I somehow failed to get a decent picture of it. Here is the best I got you can see it in the background
After that I headed on down the road first to Cheropovits I had been told there was a grave/monument there to the POW’s that died in the camps. There is supposedly an American buried there…. I never did find it and it was rush hour so I kept on going. Finally found a place to camp but it was horrible so I didn’t get any photos.