Weekend trip to Kaliningrad, Russia – February 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weekend in Kaliningrad, Russia

We had a long weekend in Moscow so I decided it was time to go to Kaliningrad, Russia. Its a little sliver of Russia on the Baltic coast between Lithuania and Poland. It was formerly known as Konigsburg and part of Germany.
We landed and went to the apartment we had rented online. As soon as the guy opened the door it smelled of mold. We decided not to stay there and went to a hotel instead. The next morning we headed out on the town.
This is called the House of The Soviets.
One of the Churches in Town
This was outside of the Amber Museum I believe
This is the main reason I wanted to visit. On the Corethian Spit there is a forest and the trees have grown in odd shapes and nobody knows why.
One of the walking paths
After the forest we went to the sea side and walked around.
It was cold and windy
We went to dinner at a place that advertised exotic meat. They had bear and moose and deer and boar all kinds of interesting things. But in the end they only had pork, beef and chicken on hand
But the entertainment was fun
The last day we went and toured an old submarine

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