Waiting To Go To Antarctica (New Zealand)

Friday, October 3, 2008

I am writing this almost 8 years after it happened so the detail might be a bit fuzzy and the not 100% correct but I will do my best.
I arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand after more than 24 hours of travel time. It was a long 12 hours flight from LA to get here. One of my bags were lost somewhere on the way and I am supposed to be getting on a place bound for McMurdo Station in Antarctica tomorrow! I hope my luggage shows up before then.
In the mean time I got to my hotel I was right in the city center on the central square. The views from the hotel were great!
I walked out to the central square to look around
They had this sculpture. Its supposed to be seamen and a person can go there to get free condoms
The Church that is on the main square
People playing Chess
My plan for the enxt day was cancelled! so another day in New Zealand
I just walked around Christchurch for a while
You could rent these vans
I went to a museum that had some interesting things
Then I found a park
My bag showed up at the hotel that evening! The next day I was to go to the headquarters to get my Extreme Cold Weather Gear. Then jump on a flight!

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