Voronezh and Hungarian Cemetery

Friday, June 13, 2014

Woke up June 12 and ran into this small burial mound.
The goal for the day was Voronezh. It was cold and rainy all morning and the forecast didnt look good for the next couple of days…..
Just south of Voronezh was this Hungarian Cemetery. These guys fought with Germany. During and after Stalingrad the German soldiers were saying it was all their fault, along with Romanians, that they lost Stalingrad.
I was a little upset because it was closed I had wanted to go inside. It ws set up on a bend in the river with a beautiful overlook. I never did figure out why it was closed.
There was supposed to be another German cemetery near by but I never did find it. Then I headed into Voronezh and stopped at a monument and museum.
Again the museum was closed. I talked to some people standing around and nobody really knew why things were closed. About this time the weather cleared up and I drove through Voronezh. Not seeing anything that interested me I decided i would head down the road and find somewhere for the night.
The weather kept getting better and better. Remembering what the forecast was saying about the coming days I decided just to keep driving towards Moscow.
about 12 hours later I found myself at home just in the nick of time! It rained that night and the next 2 days!!!!