The First Kilometer is the Hardest

Sunday, June 17, 2012

They say the first kilometer/mile is the hardest…. They sure as hell didn’t mention how difficult the next few thousand would be!!!
I am starting a trip around from Moscow to Norway and back. I was supposed to start last Saturday butttttttt due to some political issues at my job I couldnt leave until this Saturday the 16 of June.

The last weekend was not lost though I was able to pick up 2 new motorcycles to add to me now stable of 3!!! A 1949 Izh-350 and a 1955 Izh-49. They are Russian bikes that are renowned as being crap but they were cheap I tend to be bored and welll the rest is history

So I started on the morning of the 16th it was a strange day for weather. The sun baking me one minute then clouds and rain the next. It would alternate like this all day and it ended up being a 13 hour day.

I decided to do some cooking on the road. My family used to do something like this when I was a child. I never tried it on a bike before so a hamburger patty potatoes and Onion went into some foil and on the motor

It ended up being a failure, I pulled it off early because I figured trying to cross a border with some Aluminum foil thing attached to the bike was asking for trouble. But you can guarantee this will be tried again in the future, though maybe with just hotdogs or something.

So it took me 3 hours to cross the border into Latvia!!!!

Latvia is a wonderful country but I was in a hurry to make it to Tallinn. So one night camping in this guys back yard, yes he said it was ok, and I was off on Sunday!
Made it to Tallinn after a long 275 miles. Rain and a hellashious cross wind were my enemy all day….
But Tallinn is amazing! At the moment I am sitting at an outdoor beer garden enjoying a half liter. My boat ticket to Stockholm is for Wednesday!!!! I will keep you all updated as I go.
I just added a few pictures more will come. I havent took as many as I should of due to craptacular weather and me not wanting to stop but from Tallinn on I plan to slow down and enjoy the sights and sounds more!
Since I had some time I walked around Tallinn. It has to be one of my favorite cities in Europe
I also had time to make it to a museum. They have taken traditional buildings from around Estonia and relocated them here for all to see.