The Birth of Yoshi, The Ultimate Warrior

Firstly we should talk about what one of these amazing Yamaha products looked like stock, straight from the dealership.

Yamaha Roadstar Warrior:

Stock 2008 Yamaha Roadstar Warrior

 Years Produced: 2002-2009.

Engine: Fuel Injected V-Twin with a capacity of 1700cc

Drive: Belt drive connected to a 5 speed transmission

Suspension: Inverted Telescopic forks with 135mm (5.3″) travel Rear Shock with 110mm (4.3″) travel

Fuel Capacity: 15L (4 gal.)

Fuel Consumption: 16 KPL (38mpg)

Ground Clearance: 155mm (6″)

Weight: 293 kg (658 lbs.)

Typical tear down of Yoshi for cleaning and inspection

Now that we have gone over that lets talk about some of the modifications that have been made during the creation of Yoshi, The Ultimate Warrior!

Yoshi, the finished version

Some of the modifications include:

◊Firstly is the paint. Its Soviet Army Green, just slightly more green that typical US Army Green.

◊The headlight is from an old Ukrainian Dnepr motorcycle.

◊The front fender from a Russian Izh-49.

◊The rear fender custom made by a friend in Canada.

Soviet mess can, with air compressor inside, along with the widened gas tank

◊A surplus Soviet mess can added to hold an air compressor

◊Saddle bags made from surplus US Army ammo cans.

◊Turn signals on the front are from a 1950’s era Dodge pick up.

◊The gas tank widened to give an extra 5 liters of fuel.

Gas tank widening


◊The rear has been modified to raise the bike to give 180mm (7″) of ground clearance.

◊Custom made exhaust with exhaust wrap.