3 Week Motorcycle trip Moscow, Russia to Dresden, Germany – July 2013

3 Weeks and 6,000 mi (9600 km) Moscow to Dresden, Germany and back again! Moscow to Kiev WWII Motorcycles and Reenactment in Lviv Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains Ossuaries and Moto Museums in Czech Republic Sedlac Ossuary and Terezin Transit Camp 2013 European Warrior Meeting Leaving Dresden and Getting into Austria Italian Alps and Slovenian Back Roads […]

3 week Motorcycle trip from Moscow through Scandinavia to Nordkapp, Norway – July 2012

Scandinavia! Absolutely stunning but very very expensive. 3 Weeks and a world of emotions an amazing trip! The First Kilometer is the Hardest Ferry to Sweden and Stockholm  Oslo and Heavy Water in  Telemark, Norway Lysobotyn Norway and Kjerad Rock Cattle Crossing!!!!! Atlantic Coast Road and Trondenheim, Norway Road to Nordkapp! The Drive to Moscow […]