Submarines and Tank Training

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

After Peterhof I grabbed some lunch and headed off. First up to get to Kronstadt. This place was made by Peter the Great to help guard the port of Petersburg. At one time this was the most fortified port in the world.
Now its not so much and you can drive to the former island. There is some stuff there but nothing so interesting, at least that you can get to.
I did get to see this sub leaving the port!
Next up was this Bunker. Formally part of the Northern section of the Stalin Line.
It was open so I got my little flashlight and went inside. I have to say even with a light it was dark as **** and scary to match.
most of the old portholes to shot out of had been bricked over. The bunker was cool though but so much trash around it.
After that I was trying to find a Finnish Bunker down the road about 80 KM. There were 2 parallel roads I was on one and need to get on the other so I took one of the small connecting roads.
I turned off the main highway winding back through these small roads that aren’t in the best of shape. Then is started to sprinkle….. As I am driving I keep seeing beside the road tracks from I assume logging trucks, since its woods everywhere and I have seen a ton of logging truck. Then I look at the more closely and saw man those look funny.
About the time I see this sign below it dawned on me. OHH BALLS those are tank tracks! I must be in the middle of some training grounds
The sign behind the bike told me my suspensions were right…
Its hard to see in this picture but they had fake Helicopters set up for well I don’t know what reason.
When I got to the other main road the first thing I saw was this….
I guess I came in the back way….. I thought oh well no harm no foul. Nobody yelled at me so I kept going looking for that Finnish Bunker.
Next I ran across this memorial/cemetery for some of the Soviet Soldiers who died in the Winter War with Finland 1939/40
The GPS told me I was getting close and the Soviet Burial made sense. This is the first time I have seen a burial and knew ohh these guys died fighting against the bunker I am about to see!
here is the road I need to go down. The rain has picked up I just want to find the bunker and then sleep. I am up the road about 20km from where the tank training was so I should be fine.
I get going and the road is just mud and rocks and ruts. Horrible by far the most horrible thing I have been through on the bike EVER. The rear end is sliding around in the mud and the rain just picked up again. Whats that up ahead why is there a road block…. 2 guys in Army fatigues well I don’t see guns so screw it this road sucks I am going to talk to them.
I explain what I want to see and one of them says leave the bike here and walk ill take you. As we walk I ask is it normal for the road to be closed. he said no. I said why is it then. I couldn’t understand finally after trying 3 different explanations he just says “the army is playing”!
We get to something and he says this is it….. Well its not what I wanted but I will settle. its a Finnish Cemetery
We walked back to the check point and I gave him some food I had. then we got this picture.
I wanted to camp but after talking to them it seemed like a bad idea. Nothing worse than being woke up at gun point your tent being mistaken for something in their training.
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