Sicily On A Scooter!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Sicily on Scooter!

For my entire stay in Moscow I have had a friend in Sicily with the US Navy and another friend living in Madrid, Spain. I had been saying for 3 years I would come visit yet I never managed to do it. Well finally the time has come!!!
I landed in Sicily after an uneventful flight and the scooter was waiting for me. Trevor meet me also and I followed him back to his apartment.
He had to work the next day so I was on my own
I took off cruising around. Here you can see Mt. Etna in the background
I must admit it was a rather beautiful country scenery wise
I came through a town called Monteresso Alto. It was cool so I hung out in the square a bit
Looking back at the town as I exited
I was headed back to Trevors place on some back roads and came across some caves.
Of course I had to explore them!
That evening we went into Catania to look around
Italians love their cemetaries
It was a quiet night then the next day we went back to Catania for a bit
Roman Ruins
This was one of the Allied cemeteries near Catania
The next day we went to the valley of Temples
It was crazy to see all this old stuff. Just to imagine how it was built
Trevor and I
I was on my own on the third again so I headed out
A little town near Agira
I had been reading a book about the Canadians who fought in WWII in the area. So I decided to visit their cemetery
It was a beautiful day so I sat down to read some more. It was such a strange feeling to be reading about these guys and to look up and see ohh this guy is buried here.
This is the view from Agira
On my way back to Trevors place I stopped by the German War Cemetery
I made it back to Trevors intact.
This is his joint
We had some stunt riding sessions
The next day I headed out for Madrid. Trevor and his friend went to the airport with me and we got a Swarma then I checked in! All in all it was a good time had be all!