Road to Nordkapp!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

I decided after Trondheim I was going for broke all the way to Nordkapp!!! It was adding a lot of miles to the trip in a now shortened time frame but what the hell. The deciding factor was that night I set down and went over my expenses to that point and saw how expensive Norway really was, super expensive. I decided you will most likely never be here again in this position you better go for it.
Where I stayed for the night
The Road north was beautiful. I passed the Polar circle and there was a Soviet monument to WWII there. I asked around and come to find out the road I was on was called Blood Road. During the War Nazis took mostly Soviet and Yugoslavian prisoners north and forced them to well build the road. They were underfed and kept in poor conditions and many died.
I pushed on past the Polar circle then I started to see Elk everywhere. I slowed down and tried to get photos, which were mostly failures, but anyways I needed gas and sooon!! I hadnt seen really anything other than a few houses for the last 80 miles or so and was starting to worry a bit. Then what I thought was a sign from heaven a gas station right at about 100 miles.
I pull in and there are about 30 Harleys there from Albania… It was a pay at the pump thing and of course they werent smart enough to figure it out. Everyone one of them had to prick around with their cards and the machine for way longer than needed. At this point its getting late and I have been riding for the last 12 hours I want gas so I can find some place to park. Well an HOUR later it was my turn I was sitting on my bike just trying to keep from going Apeshit on someone!
So I went on and decided to hit Nordkapp that night it was about 7pm and Nordkapp was about 2 hours more. The road there was amazing twisting along the sea the last 100 miles!!!

The bugs I collected for the day

I get there and well theres nothing there but a big parking lot full of campers and a restaurant lol. It was a beautiful site though. So after an hour of walking around I headed back down the road towards a litle meadow I saw on the way to camp.
I pull in about 10pm set up my tent and thought well theres a chance a cop will stop and tell you to move but its been a long long day. About 5:30 in the morning I hear footsteps…. I wait in my tent but nothing just someone mulling around I look out my tent and bam in front of me are about 4 elk munching on grass…. At first I was like this is cool then I thought, their huge and your in a tent they can stomp you anytime they want…… Then one of them started rubbing his antlers on the tent I was about shitting myself! finally they went away about 30 minutes later. I went back to sleep and woke up 3 hours later and thought well maybe its a dream…. then beside my kick stand a big pile of crap well its not a dream its not a dream!