Restricted Area And Blown Out Tire, Again

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The next day I was headed north out of Kargopol. I was a little hesitant to take this route because I knew there was a military base on it that is a closed area. I didn’t know if the road would go through but I was assured the road was not closed and no check points. So off I went!
Sorry for the blurry pics but it was saw mill on the road. Just in front of me I could see dirt roads… A old man on a scooter stopped and I asked him how far the dirt went. 35 km and that’s itt then smooth sailing to Arkhangelsk!
The road was bad but not absurdly bad.
Here is the road. I they lay logs down first then build the road over it. in places the logs are starting to come out.
Then the fun began. just got off the gravel road! filled up with gas got down the road 10 miles and the rear end got all wobbly on me…. Pulled over and sure as **** its flat. Tried to air it up nope not happening. So I started trying to flag some down.
About the 2nd car that passed stopped and this guy was there. Told me 8km further was a tire repair shop. I told him I cant drive it like this so he asked if I can take the tire off. I looked at him smiled and said ohh ya.
So it began. First take everything off the bike. Get the rear end apart as far as possible. then lay it on its side. OHHH **** wait pick it up pick it up gas is going everywhere. ok the gas cap doesnt seal completely so drain fuel into a can then try again.
This is how we left it. Some want to lower the rear well how that for lowered!
We got it fixed up came back and put it on the bike. Then he invited me for vodka. I said no way man its only noon. Yes I understand its Friday but damnit where is my license plate…. ohh **** Thanks for everything I and going to head down the road heres some money for helping me.
Got down the road and came into another 20 miles of gravel road. finished that up and stopped for a break and another biker stopped we talked and ended up riding together until he turned off.
I got to the main road between Arkhangelsk and Moscow. I had intended on going to Arkhangelsk but after the last 3 days and now with out a license plate had started to doubt it.
There was a gas station so I stopped to clean myself up and think. The sign said Moscow 1000km Arkhangelsk 130….. I thought about it and that DH Lawerence quote came to mind. ” I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop dead from its bough without ever having felt sorry for itself”. I said **** I cant go to Moscow now just over a little run of bad luck. I wanted an adventure well its turning into one. I cant call myself a biker if I take my ball and go home over a couple flat tires and a license plate.
So now here I am in Arkhangelsk for the night about to turn in!