Rain riding To Fastiv And Zhytomyr

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rain riding to Fastiv and Zhytomyr

FREE, FREE at last! I wasnt on-call at work and had no other plans for the weekend!!! Time to get out and see something! Unfortunately mother nature had other plans it was scheduled to rain all weekend…. Well all of my motorcycling clothes are new and supposedly waterproof so why not test them out!
Headed out of work going towards the town of Fastiv. No real reason to go see the place other than I hadnt been there and it was off the beaten path.
This was the route
On the way there I passed these crazy old trees.
It was sprinkling off and on but the views were still nice!
There are 2 ways to get to Fastiv by main roads but I chose option 3 and some small back roads.
I came across a sign pointing to a male monastery so I thought to go check that out. Right beside it was this cemetery with WWII victims of the village.
You can see one of the towers of the Monastery behind the statue
The Monastery was under construction, or repair I am not sure, so I didnt go in just took a picture and headed down the road.
I finally made it to Fastiv the rain had held off for the most part!
I found this monument to the battles that happened here
Some of the plaques with names were missing.
I pulled into town and found a little restaurant to eat at. I ate on the patio, because I was rather hot and didnt want to take off all my moto clothes. An older gentleman came to talk to me. He asked the normal where are you from, where are you going, why are you in Kiev. When I told him I planned on camping somewhere on the river he invited me over to his house, as he lives on the river I can camp there. So after dinner I went to his house.
I wasnt sure how to get there so we agree to meet at a huge cemetery near by and I would call him to come show me the way. While I was waiting one man approached me and asked about the bike correctly guessing the make and model. Come to find out he has the exact same bike, just not so modified.
Anyways Oleg finally came and we went to his place. It was intended to be a residential neighborhood but the money stopped coming for some reason so they closed it down
Mid construction just stopped. It was completely walled in and had a gate to get in. There were some older buildings in the back of the property also
I set my tent up then we talked for a bit and I went to bed. It rained ALL night and but had stopped in the morning.
I drank some tea with Oleg and his wife and then went on my way.
I discussed my route to Zhytomyr with Oleg and he said no problem! Again back roads and quietness.
Everything was wet but the road was fairly hard packed so it wasnt a big deal
Then I came to this…. I made it through one section of slippery mud and found another section further down the way.
I walked ahead, I had a mile to go until a paved road I thought I could make it, after scouting I decided it best to turn around and find a different route. I might make it the last mile but it wasnt worth it. I was here on my own and there wasnt much around if I got hurt it would be a while before help came
So I went another direction and then came across a church and cemetery
The church was interesting but a bit run down.
About this time it started to sprinkle. I pulled over to rest and prepare for more rain
Then it started pouring rain. I got to Zhytomyr but decided just to go back to Kiev. I had tested my new gear and it all held up to the water. I had nothing more to prove and setting up a wet tent and dealing with my wet gear in it didnt sound like fun. So I went back to Kiev on the main road to set my wet tent up in the living room to dry out.