Moscow to Uglich, Russia

July 2nd, 2011

Okcana came the previous night to my place and we packed her things. On the morning of July 2 we headed out with our destination for the night being Uglich. This is one of the first trips I have ever taken hopefully there will be many to come.

It was going to be a long day but we were ready. It was rather chilly in the morning so we dressed warm.

The sun came out and things started to warm up
We made it to Kashin, Russia. This is where a large lake was created when they damned a river. The bell tower you see is all thats left of a city that is now underwater.
We kept driving north heading towards Uglich. The roads were to be expected. Nothing great but nothing too bad either.
Finally we get to Uglich and get a hotel then go out to explore.
Its a nice town with old churches and a little bit of toursty stuff
And an old tractor 🙂
We bedded down for the night after a long long day.