Mezhyhirya (Former Ukraine President Home)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April 30, 2016
A 4 day weekend but I am on call so I cant go to far from Kiev in case I have to respond to an issue at the Embassy. I talked to some friends about things near by to Kiev to go check out. Someone mentioned to go see the former Presidents house, Mezhyhirya. I made some phone calls to see if anyone was interested to go with and found someone.
We met at an antique market walked around there first then headed out.
We got there and first went to the zoo, ya the guy had a freaking zoo at his house…
It was mostly fairly normal animals nothing to terrible exotic but still crazy
Wild boars
We walked around a bit, a lot actually its a HUGE place, then finally ended up at his house
The guy spared no expense from the bricked side walks to the full on roads he had built inside his property to the golf course, at least I think it was a golf course, he had it all
Pond after pond with fountains all stocked with fish
We didnt go inside the house you have to be on an official tour that was more than we wanted to pay so we just walked around the grounds and then headed back to Kiev
In the evening another friend called and asked if I wanted to go to the monastery since it was the night before Easter the church would be putting on its best showing for the year.
We waited around outside the church and watched the priest blessing everyone’s food and the people. I am not sure what the dudes problem was it was a little chilly and he was putting water on everyone. I narrowly avoided being doused in water but made it out dry and clear!
We went to an overlook to look back on the monastery and then called it a night