Mamayev Kurgan

Monday, June 9, 2014

Mamayev Kurgan is a hill near the center of Volgograd. During the war this spot was fought over furiously. The Soviets had it well defended and The Germans wanted it as it provided a nice overlook of the city. After the war the hill had been scorched so badly from the fighting that grass would grow back until a year later. As clean up began it was figured every square meter of earth contained 1000 fragments of metal. The hill had been flattened some after the intense shelling that took place there. After the war they turned the hill into a monument.
The Motherland Calls Statue
The figure is 52 meters (170 feet), and the sword 33 meters (108 feet) and weighs 7900 tons. 200 steps, symbolizing the 200 days of the Battle of Stalingrad, led from the bottom of the hill to the monument.
This was leading up to the monument a set of stairs flanked on each side by these sculpted walls
The Eternal Flame dedicated to the soldiers who died. Also located just below the statue.

They had the changing of the guards while I was there. That was cool the flame is at the bottom of the building with a ramp encircling the building leading to an exit at the top. I was able to stand on the ramp and the soldiers marched right by me. Once they were done there was an extra soldier that went to each of the guards that were marching took their caps off and wiped the sweat off of the soldiers head it was kinda sweet of him.

This sculpture was at the base of the stairs going to the statue
Finally the statue
Me at the top of the hill
Looking down the walkway leading up to the hill
While there I met a couple guys, Lyndon and Lukas I think were their names, they were on KTM’s headed to Magadan. They were nice guys in a hurry to make up for some lost time in from earlier in their trip. Of course I didn’t get a picture of them though.
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