Lysobotyn Norway and Kjerad Rock

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The next day the weather was rather great! So I was off to Lysebotn and to see Kjerag Rock! These 2 things were what tipped me in the direction of Norway before them it was a tie between Norway and Romania.
So I started off again about 9:30 in the morning it was only about a hundred miles to my destination so I was in no hurry. Cruising through the valleys it was warm sunny and beautiful. Then I got to a point where I had to go up out of the valleys and onto the plateau…. Hot **** was it cold up there and windy. I drove on a beautiful road through wellllll nothing for about 2 hours and never saw another car or anything other than sheep and snow YES SNOW so mad…
So I made it to the beginning of the trail to Kjerag Rock. I saw pictures of this rock and knew, at least thought I knew, I had to go there. SO I read the little info there about it and was like ya ok 12 KM round trip that’s not bad…. Ohhh they didn’t tell you you go through 3 valleys and mud. When I started there were two hot Swedish girls behind me so I was like ok ok I will set a good pace then about 1/2 a km later I was like oh god I am gonna die this sucks sooo bad. So they passed me and then I was able to get in a steady pace and somehow staggered the 6 km to make it to this damned rock. The 2 Swedish girls were there and I talked to them a bit. Got my picture taken on the rock and headed back. This time they were in front of me but they kept looking back at me. I liked to pretend they were checking me out, in reality I think they were checking to make sure I didnt die. I stumbled and crawled the 6km back to my bike!!!

Made it to the bike and there happened to be some Russian bikers parked beside me. So I started to talk with them, after I explained I was not a spy that I knew Russian because I work in Moscow now. So after talking with them it was time to head down the Road to Lysebotn!!!

So Lysebotn!!!! Yes I road the road down then up then down again all 27 hairpen turns of it!!!! I even got Video but that will come later when after I get back to Moscow and have time to check it all out.
After I got to the bottom and the town, of like 10 buildings 7 of which are for tourists. I went to the local lady running the camp ground and paid for a place to set up my tent. She pointed me to a pasture and said anywhere in there. I ordered a hamburger and said ok thanks… Ohhh what a beautiful spot it was!!! In the middle of the pasture were some rocks so I said ok I pick there!!! Set up my tent while listening to the water fall behind me and smelling my hamburger cooking.
So after eating I went back to my tent dog tired from the hike and ready to sleep. When I hear something look up and here is a guy coming down in a parachute… He lands not far from me and starts yelling at me. Hes American but doesn’t realize I am at first and talks to me like I cant understand. I go along with it and speak broken Russian to him until he gets rather rude and started calling my names . Then I told him to “Shut your F***ing mouth I don’t want to hear anymore. If you don’t like where I camped take it up with the lady who owns the joint she pointed me this way.” He stood there for a minute dumbfounded I knew English then his friend came up to join him. So I told them both ” Look there is 2 more pastures there, sky dive over there and land with the damn sheep I couldn’t care less just let me be.” Ohh that was it I called BASE Jumpers Skydivers and all hell broke lose. Needless to say it ended with them walking away and me sleeping where I was and getting a free coke out of the deal!!!
The Next day I got on a ferry out of Lysebotn. Everyone on the boat was going to the end of the ferry line or to another tourist stop. I had looked at a map and saw what looked like a “ok” road 2 stops up and told the captain I wanted off there…
The rock up there where I was yesterday
He said your you crazy why there is nothing there but 2 houses! I told him ya I am a bit crazy but the map shows a road there do you know if it exists. We talked for a bit he agreed to let me off expecting to see me getting back on the next time he returned. I meet some guys from Sweden, 3 Harleys and a Yamaha. There were cool we talked and I tried to convince them to get off at the stop with me but NOOO WAYYY MAN. So we all watched the scenery and waited for my stop.

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