Leaving Volgograd And A Broken Exhaust

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Leaving Volgograd and broken exhaust

After The Motherland Calls statue I decided to head about 10 miles outside of town and check out another monument.
While I was heading there I kept hearing a funny noise from the bike. only when I got up to about 3,000 rpm there was a jingling sound like a loose bolt or something.
Anyways got to the monument checked it out.
hen started checking out the bike. Couldnt figure out for the life of me what was making that noise. Then by accident while I was looking around I bumped into the exhaust and it moved….. Got to looking more and the 2 bolts that support the back end of the exhaust and bolt it to the frame had vibrated out! So now the exhaust was just being held on by th flanges at the jugs!
I didnt have my full tool kit but had a few basic things in my emergency kit. Got out some tie wire and wired the exhaust up so it didnt move so much and started back to the hotel.
Come across this church on the way back. It was used as a German field hospital in the war.
Got to the hotel and couldnt find any part stores open at 7:30pm on a Sunday. So decided to move the 2 bolts from the back of the exhaust, that hold the end of the exhaust together to keep them from moving, to the front to bolt it to the frame. Then I found one bolt and nut that would work on the back bracket and used wire in place of the other bolt
I was comfortable with that at least the exhaust was supported and not wrenching on the jugs every time I went over a bump.
Woke up early and headed out. First stop the south end of Volgograd and the entrance to the Volga-Don canal.
On the one side is the tallest statue of Lenin in the world.
On the other side a pedestal where a statue of Stalin used to stand.
After that I headed west on M-21
Near Kalach Na Donu I stopped to take a photo of the horizon, reminded me a bit of Kansas only more hills……….
I came across this little monument not much further on top of a hill
At each marker there was a helmet for each person buried there.
Then this random statue further down the road.
This memorial is dedicated to the 24th Tank Corps, which liberated the Tatsinskiy region in December 1942. An important Luftwaffe airfield was captured during the raid.
A little later I turned north on M4. M21 was way nicer than I expected it to be so I made decent time. M4 was even nicer but the sky started to turn black and rain. SO I pulled off looking for a place to sleep. Found some woods and headed about a mile or so back into them down an old fire road.
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