Leaving Moldova

Monday, June 13, 2016

After it was decided I would stay in Old Orhei another night I had to figure out what to do with my free day now. I contacted a friend in Chiseneau and we agreed to meet for lunch the next day.
I woke up and the weather was overcast but ok. I went to the monastery at Old Orhei. As I parked my bike a guy was getting water from an old hand pump. He was dressed in a black t-shirt and slacks with a long beard. I thought maybe he was one of the monks but wasnt sure. He came over and we struck up a conversation. Turns out he was a Monk. Before he went into eternal Monkdom he had loved motorcycles. We talked and walked to the monastery about bikes. Then he went to clean up and get to work praying, and what ever else Monk’s do.
This is the view from the Monastery.
The church at the monastery
I went into Chiseneau, on back roads of course, and meet Inna and her sister for lunch. It started raining so I got a wet ride back to Old Orhei. I meet and helped Lyuba talk with the Australian and English couple. We all had dinner together and shared a few bottles of wine!
Next morning I was off. I had been scouring the weather sites online looking where I should go to get out of the rain. The answer was due north to Ukraine. Should be rain for about 100km then turn into sunlight.
I got to the town of Soroca, you might remember it from last year when I was there with Inna Quick trip to Moldova. They have a statue up on top of a hill. I decided to go see it. About half way up I was regretting it. AHH SO FAR!
I finally made it!
The view were amazing. Across the river is Ukraine
After that I continued on to the border crossing. I had crossed here before and it was enjoyable. A little ferry ride across the river and its not a busy point. Unfortunately the ferry had just left so after I cleared Moldova Customs I had about an hour to wait for the return.
As I was waiting by the river I heard a couple motorcycles. I watched as a new BMW F800 and new white Honda Goldwing along with an old junky VW car pulled into customs. The guy on the Goldwing was a bigger guy and very pushing and trying to intimidate the customs agents and kind of push them around. I am not sure what happened but the BMW got turned away and he took off in a hurry rather upset.
Finally the Goldwing and VW were let go to come wait with me by the river. I was sitting on my bike, as the ferry was coming back, waiting. Gold Wing guy pulled up beside me got off his bike with a ciggerette in his mouth blew smoke in my face as he came to give me a arms up fist shake, as opposed to a normal handshake, all while saying ohh brother hi! I held out my hand in standard handshake form and said in proper Russian Hello, My name in Monty. Its nice to meet you.
He immeaditly realized I am a foreigner, stepped back in astonishment and says where are you from.
me: I am American.
Now he yells tot he VW car ahh guys our American Brother is here! come check it out!!
Where are you going?
Me: I am going to Vinnitsa
GW guy: WHAT! cant you read a map?!?! Why are you at this border crossing you need to turn around and go to the big crossing further down the road. You know the roads this way are shit!
me: I know if I wanted good roads I would of taken my short vacation in Poland or Germany, not Moldova and Ukraine.
GW guy: Ok well its a stupid idea to go to Vinnitsa. You will come with us to a biker festival in another town.
Me: No I wont.
GW guy: No the roads are better and its not a problem we will take care of you so you will come with us.
At this point I was getting upset. I am sitting on the bike and he keeps telling me what I WILL do, all while up in my personal space trying to intimidate me with his size.
Finally I stand up get off the bike and step into his personal space
me: No I wont go with you. Do you understand I am a motorcyclist, not a biker but a motorcyclist. Nobody tells me what I WILL do. I decide what I will do and I alone. If I wanted someone to tell me what to do I would have a girl friend.
He is rather upset at that and tries to say something but I cut him off.
me: Now the ferry is here and I have things to do. Good luck on your trip.
At the Ukraine customs we were waiting for our passports to be returned. The agents remembered me and my bike from last year when I crossed so it was simple for me.
GW guy: Why are you riding alone? Its boring to ride alone? Luckily for you my motorcycle club has a Kiev Chapter and I will reccomend you for joining.
me: I am a motorcyclist not a biker. I dont join clubs. Clubs were fun when I was a child now I am not a child so I have no need for a club. If you like to travel with people great. I wake up everyday and say hmm what do I WANT to do today. I dont have to ask my girlfriend of my club friend and then ride into the sunset holding hand with my club mates.
The guards are laughing their ass off at this point. They dont like the guy either. He starts yelling at me. The guards come hand me my passport and say get out of here. I kindly thank them and tell them I will see them again int he future.
As I leave I hear them tell GW guy sir come with us there are some issues 🙂