Lake Onega to Kargopol, Russia

Friday, July 11, 2014

So got the tire fixed and was on the way!!!! Headed north and all was good.
Found a place to stay for the night. This little resort hotel thing for about 40 dollars. One of the guys working there was restoring some old Soviet bikes we talked for a while about them.
This is in the town of Medvezhagorsk I have not seen a building like it in Russia before.
Look I found a motorcycle!
This is just past Medvezhagorsk. I didn’t think the fighting came this far but maybe it did or these are guys who were wounded evacuated then died….
The road wasn’t to bad I thought the clouds here were pretty cool
This is in Kargopol the road to get here was not bad but had plenty of gravel/rocks
I tried to find a place in Kargopol to stay but failed they were full..
Headed out and found this amazing place to camp