Kungur Ice Caves

January 4th, 2012

The next day we hopped on a bus to a place called Kungur. They had an ice cave there we wanted to see.
It was warmer today only -25 🙂
It was an easy bus ride and we got our tickets and were off into the caves!
The pictures didnt turn out so well there were alot of people and it was rather dark inside so it was difficult to walk let alone take photos
This pool of water hadnt frozen yet. They said in late February it is much more impressive with ice.
We hopped a bus back to Perm and walked around for a bit that evening
They had a huge ice sculpture park in their central square
This lady totally wanted me
Then there was this statue of a dung beetle……
Finally we ended up at the train station to get a train to Tyumen.
We bought the cheapest tickets possible but when we were about to get on the train one of the managers of the individual cars asked if we wanted to upgrade. She had an empty room and we could have it for an extra 500 rubles, normally this was like a 2,000 ruble upgrade. We agreed and took the room. We were so happy to have a private room, at first. Then about 4 hours later it was about 40 c degrees in the room. The windows were screwed shut and we were dying of heat. People had tied the 2 doors at the end of the car open trying to get the cold air in. nobody could find the manager to tell her to turn the heat down. It ended up being a long long ride!