Kiev Underground River Tour

Saturday, March 5, 2016

One of my friends asked me if I would be interested in a tour. She wanted to go on this underground river tour here in Kiev and thought I would like to tag along. It seemed different enough and I had no other plans so sure!!!!
We showed up and were given our rubber water proof over boots.
This is Olga looking stylish in her new boots!
So we went down a little hill and entered the tunnel here
Of course it got dark in a hurry but it was still rather spacious. I could even stand up in with out hitting my head
Man hole covers were periodically placed with ladders leading up to them. Some of the ladders were warped and twisted from when the tunnel fills up and the water rushes through.
The tunnel got a bit smaller and looked older
Then there were some places where it was very small, running under Kreshatik street
The tour was 3 hours long and honestly it was rather boring…. Not much to see and in a few places very low so difficult for me to get through. I was tired and ready to get out
Finally we came back out where we entered!
The tour was interesting. Would I do it again, no. I am glad I went though and like I said much better than sitting around at home!