Kiev Retro Car Show

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday was free! No work and nothing planned!!! Finally decided the Kiev Retro Car Show would be a good way to spend the day.
These are some of the old motorcycles they had on display there. My friend Nazar did some of the restoration work on them
These are both early versions of bikes from the Minsk factory
Some custom stuff there also which was pretty cool. This is one of the nicest custom M-72’s I have seen
These might of been my favorite!
Tulitsa is the name
Then a 3 wheeled scooter!!!
Some German stuff from the War
Then is became a mismatch of bikes, cars and aircraft
They were giving rides in some of the vehicles, mostly to children
Then there came some custom cars
After that was a whole section dedicated to, I believe they are called, Zaporozhets.
All of this took place at the Aviation Museum. Cars were parked around and under the planes.
This was a motor from a Dnepr motorcycle they mounted in a car so it could be driven on the rail road tracks
Then they had this Harley Display. I am not a Harley fan but the red one really caught my attention!!!