Flat tires!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Now the fun part begins! So I put the food in the oven but before I did I noticed my rear tire was flat… I aired it up and finished up the food. So while the food was in the oven I went back out and my tire was going flat again…. OHHH boy
We all talked about it and decided at the least we needed to get the rear off the ground to look at it better. So after some thinking we went for this idea
Slowly I said SLOWLY!
We could see one nail in the tire and we could tell that the tire had been run for a while flat. One side was worn almost completely bald while the other looked fine. I guess I must of road like this for about 20 -30 km, maybe more nobodies sure. We plugged the hole and I decided that if it holds air I will try to finish the trip if not well then it will get interesting.
Sergey finishing up the patch
Then we pushed it over to his garage to the air compressor
Everyone admiring our handy work!
The last photo just after finishing a little after midnight!
I hope it holds air
So I woke up the next day and the tire was flat again…. I didn’t have internet access and knew it would be difficult to find the tire I needed in the next big town, 100 miles away. I sent Zalama a text message asking him to do the research for me to put a car tire on the bike.
So I aired it up and headed off. I stopped at the gas station to fill up. here usually you pay first then fill up. I gave her 300 rubles and said until full. I got to 205 and it was full I went back for my change. She said no I needed to get more gas. Then she came out of the station and told me to put the nozzle back in my tank. So I did and said now what. Pump more gas I told her I couldn’t it was full. So then she started to pump gas I told her 4 times to stop. Then gas was going everywhere I started yelling at her calling her all kinds of mean nasty names. Everyone in line was yelling at her also. Then she wanted to charge me for the gas she dumped all over the bike and ground…. The day wasn’t starting off well
After stopping every 40 miles to fill up my rear tire I made it to Petrozavodsk. I must of stopped at 20 tire changing places trying to find a tire that would work. Nobody had one but one guy said he would help me take the tire off my bike put a tube in it and I could go.
So after lunch I went back to him, now it was raining, and we got to work
We shoved the front tire of the bike in between 2 stacks of old tires to hold it in place jacked it up and put tires around it and one under it to stabilize it while we worked.
After we got the tube in and I put it back on I pulled the tire out from under the bike and…. What the heck is this? The tire we needed all along!!!! Soo off came the rear tire again to change it for a car tire.

This whole time it was raining. I guess nobody expected it to rain because nobody had their umbreallas. All the women were in their summer dresses so even though it had been a crazy day I had plenty of entertainment while we worked on the bike I cant complain to much

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