Driving day through Croatia and Hungary

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I woke up the next morning and just decided to drive and drive… Didn’t stop much headed to Croatia
then north in Croatia into Hungary my goal was Szegrad.
Somewhere in Hungary
I didn’t make it decided to shut her down for the night about 100 miles short. Found a hotel and since I hadn’t showered since I left the Warrior Meeting, I showered then got caught up on Internet stuff here with all of you lovely folks!!!!
I am now in Arad Romania!!!! Crossing the border was a bit of a hassle. the normal why is the bike registered in Russian and your American…. We cant read either your passport or the Bikes information soooo what now. it was about an hour of which I am convinced most of it was so they could bring everyone out of the office to look at the bike!