Decisions decisions and the end of the trip.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I had some decisions to make. I was having issues getting money from the ATM’s and didnt have enough cash to go on seeing everything i wanted to. After some thought I decided to head to Tver and stay at Okcana’s home the rest of my vacation. There I could relax and she is an amazing cook!
So off I went. First through the town of Ustyuzhna. I wasnt expecting much from any of the towns I passed through. Considering was was going through the middle of the Tver district and nobody I had ever talked to said there was anything interesting there.
I ran into this church
I was kind of smitten with it and right across the street was their memorial to the war.
Then down the way I went until I ran into this church on the outskirts of town.
Something about it was just amazing
So i eventually kept driving and the road turned to dirt/gravel again. This only lasted for about 100km though so it wasnt to bad.
Finally made it to Bezhesk where I saw this bus as I was waiting for a train to pass
After Bezhesk there was this old abandoned church.
After that smooth sailing to Okcanas house about 400 km total for the day.
So I stayed at Okcanas house the last few days of my vacation. Finally being able to find an ATM that would give me some money on the next to last day of my vacation.
Saturday night we ordered some pizza and ate and relaxed. I woke up Sunday morning about 3:00 am the pizza I had eaten didnt agree with me! I had to get home on Sunday so about 7 am I felt well enough to give it a shot. It felt like a long ride home, 160 km, hoping and praying I didnt have to make and “emergency” stop. Luckily I made it and have had time to recover now.
I came up with this map. Thats the approximate route I took
Total of about 3,600 miles or about 5800 km! I think something about 400 miles, 650 km, were on dirt or gravel roads.
Bike now has just shy of 43,000 miles on it.
Cant wait for the next adventure!