Danny and Madrid

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I had a direct flight to Madrid from Catania. It was a quick flight and when I landed Danny was waiting for me!
It had been probably 5 years since I had last seen him. We were both drinking on my last night in Kansas before I went to Antarctica. When I came back he was gone to Spain.
It was in the evening so we got dinner with his husband and sister in law then went to bed
In the morning Danny tells me ok your on your own today. when you leave the house to the right is where the hookers hang out and the left is the tourist stuff…. Thank Danny Thanks!
So at first I went left to see the tourist stuff
I spent the day walking around and eating their version of Mexican food!
I saw a lot but really saw nothing I feel. I had come mostly to catch up with my friend so the site seeing was a plus
I went back to Danny’s place and he came home. I was a bit early though so I decided to go right and see what the hookers looked like in Madrid. Ohh I was disapointed. I see normal girls better than that in Moscow!
He had this pork leg he would gnaw on
That evening we walked around
The next day Danny was free so we hung out and caught up on old times
We had a couple beers on a roof top terrace
We killed the day out and about
We went out to some clubs with his friends that evening.
The next day I was on a flight rather early in the morning so I headed off.
All in all the vacation was exactly what I wanted to catch up with friends!