Cattle Crossing!!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

So I got off with the WHOLE boat waving good bye to me like I was getting ready to walk to my death or something. Everyone was so morose and down, I was excited. There was an old broke down boat on the dock and a little crappy road leading up the mountainside. I started up the road it was a little rough but nothing to bad then I came to the top!!! IT WAS GORGEOUS!!! A beautifully paved road with Nobody on it!!!! for 20 miles it was like Heaven!!!
But I also learned a important lesson here to. Or I should say a important lesson that was reinforced here. the word in Norweigen “Ferist” is what in Kansas we call Cattle Crossings. Dont know why because they are put in the road so the Cattle cant cross. The consist of about 4 to 6 foot wide the whole length of the road and are just steel pipes so the cows, or in this case sheep, cant cross out of their fenced in areas. I was coming around a corner and saw the sign and of course I had no idea what it means until bam I see the bars and say ohhhhhh god. At this point its to late I am laid over in a corner and cant get stood up in time. SO the front tire hits first and starts to slide the handle bars drop and I have filled my pants by this point. Just as the front tire makes it across and grabs pavement the rear tire hits and starts to slid ohhh ****! somehow I make it across and the rear tire grabs pavement and I stand up park the bike and lay down for a minute!!! Luckily the crossing for sheep isnt as wide as the ones i am used to for cattle any wider and i believe I would of been screwed. So now you know if your ever in Norway FERIST means slow your ass down!
I made it through all that and to the next Ferry!!!
Next time I will talk about the trip to the Atlantic Coast Road and Trondheim!