Bunkers near Demydiv, Ukraine

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 3, 2016

One of my friends had her birthday earlier this month. I being the responsible friend I am got her some English children books for her little daughter, who she is teaching English. One of our other friends got her a lesson on horse riding. The problem was the horse riding place was about 40 km away. Since I am the only one in our group of friends who has a vehicle I was volunteered to take her to ride a horse. I agreed as long as I didnt have to ride myself)
So we took off!
This was our eventual route
We were late leaving, as usual, so we stopped about 15 km from the place to call and tell them we would be 15 mintues late. This was the bus stop I stopped at to make the call
We finally made it. Olga was able to ride her horse while I set down and read a book.
I didnt get any pictures of her on horses…
We left and were headed towards an old bunker but then we came across a zoo in the middle of no where…
We stopped to take some photos so we could research it later but continued on our way
The bunker I wanted to go to was behind a fenced off area so we went to a different one just down the road. When this was built there wasnt a lake here.
The water was pretty rough and looks like during storms it would get pretty high
When we arrived it was very very windy so we found a spot behind a bush to eat our sandwiches. When we were finished the wind had died down so we decided to take some photos
I believe that Ukrainians go to classes to learn how to pose for photos, I think its like the 2nd grade or something 😉
You can see the American is much further behind in the looking sexy and alluring pose
The bugs were coming out in force so we took one last hero shot and were headed off again
The next bunker was down a “road” at least it showed up on the GPS
The road was more like a sand track through the forest though.
I gave the camera to Olga for some action shots as we drove
More mud holes!
About 3km later we got to a bunker. It was completely demolished though.
See there is that Ukrainian ohh look at me pose 🙂
We had a choice now there was supposed to be a better intact bunker further down the road about 4km. It wasnt super difficult to drive on the sand but it was nerve racking having someone on the back. Basically I just drove and let the bike go where it wanted. We were sliding all over the place. Olga is new at motorcycling and thought it was fun I on the other hand was exhausted.
After a bathroom break we decided well we came this far lets push on!
We continued and came across another destroyed bunker first
A little further there was a tree down across the road. So we stopped and finished the last kilometer on foot. It was a good thing because the road got pretty rough the last kilometer
Its hard to tell but this was on a rather steep hill. I dont know if I could of made it up if I went down it
Another hill that was rutted up badly
Finally we found it!!!!
We were able to go inside and I was surprised at how intact it was and not full of a bunch of trash.
This was set up for big guns, not machine guns, it looked out over a hill to shoot.
We walked back to the bike and rested a bit before starting the long ride back to pavement
It was a crazy ride but we made it back with out putting the bike down!
Olga wanted a helmet shot