Thursday, June 12, 2014

The next day I woke up and started out. I had about 50km to do on M4 before turning off and heading towards Rossosh. The destination for the day was Belgorod.
I was expecting some of these roads to be not so pretty. They were represented as little local roads on my map which usually means paved once 50 years ago and nothing since then so Volkswagon size potholes.
I was pleasantly surprised!
I couldnt believe the landscape. I read about the war and the Germans marching across the steppe with ease. There were still some pretty big rivers to cross most of them down in deep ravines. I couldnt imagine getting an army of tanks across it, at least with any speed.
This monument was in a little village.
A monument in Rossosh.
Another one in Rzhevets just outside of Belgorod. When I pulled over to see these two guys about 16 or so came up and were talking to me. I couldn’t believe they recognized my bike correctly. I talked to them a little bit tried to get some info on what to do around here then headed off.
Belgorod was a really cool town! Clean not to big but not to small really one of my favorite towns I have visited in Russia.
Everywhere from here!
The theater
One of the good things that ended up coming out of WWII was the building of parks. Almost every town in Russia, it seems, has a Victory Park.
I wanted to go through their Museum but it was closed for some reason or another when I was there. I was able to get pictures of some of the things outdoors though.
Then there was this Tractor! I had to take a picture I remember as a child seeing similar old tractors parked around in fields as a kid in Kansas.
Another cool monument to the police, I believe, The set up this statue of a police officer and his Ural! I almost got ran over like 3 times trying to get this picture.