Atlantic Coast Road and Trondenheim, Norway

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So When I left you last I was heading towards to the Atlantic coast road. I wasnt really sure how I would get there so I just started taking some smaller back roads. Ohhh man I was not disappointed!
I started headed towards a town called Ostra. I stumbled across probably the most beautiful scenery I have seen as to yet. I found a glacier! What a sight that was! After that I started driving a bit more and came across this small 2 lane road that was utterly amazing. It was like something out of a movie I couldn’t imagine a place could be that beautiful.
I met a guy from Norway on a KTM 990 waiting for the fairy. Talked to him a bit. He told me he thought the Atlantic Coast Road was a bit disappointing but I had to go and check it out. So after the ferry I made it to Ostra I got a spot to camp.
I think I was the entertainment for the whole camp. There must of been about 50 camper RV’s there and me on a motorcycle in a tent. They had a washer since it had been about 2 weeks I was all over that. Did a load of clothes and then had to hang them over the motorcycle and well pretty much anywhere I could. I definitely red necked it up a bit for the old folgies in the campers.
The next day I went to the Atlantic Coast road and had to agree with the Norwegian guy. The journey there was definitely better than the destination but worth it all the while. After that I headed to Trondheim to try to find someone to sell me some more insurance before mine runs out.
So after the Atlantic Coast road I found myself in Trondheim, Norway. A lovely town. I was there on a mission though to find someone who would sell me more insurance for the motorcycle. My previous insurance was going to run out in about a week. Since I got delayed that week with work I have been worrying about this.
So first I find someplace to park pay the stupid parking meter and walk to the tourist info place. They give me 4 places to try! The first place is close by so I walked there and am told no way!
So I know my time on the parking meter is about up so I get the bike and move it to a Motorcycle only parking spot. As I am taking my helmet off a city truck pulls up and begins removing the sign saying I can park here. I say really seriously man he confirms that I had better move uhhhh. So I go a block down and find another motorcycle parking and stop there. I hit up the other 3 companies and all are a no go.
I walk back to the bike and notice the rear tire looks low… Sure as hell its flat! I find the hunk of metal in it and pull it out. It looked like the corner of a piece of sheet metal. Took 3 patches to fill the hole and I start airing it up. This took about 1 1/2 hours and while this was going on about 6 other guys on bikes parked beside me came out and not a damn one stopped to ask if things were good.
So I decide screw it I am going to be back in Russia in one week! I will use my extra week of vacation to go somewhere else! Now the hard part I have to decide if I want to go north to Nordkapp and add about 1000 miles to the trip of just start heading for Finland now…… Well the next 3 days were spent riding about 600 miles a day!!!!