The Bike

Imagine its the year 2008, your a 21 year old guy living in Kansas dreaming of a motorcycle. One day on your way home from work you stop in at the local dealership just to look. You know you can’t get a loan, you have no credit. So when a salesman approaches you asking if he can help you and wants info to check on getting you a loan you finally relent so he will leave you alone, you are after all just here to browse. He then returns about 15 minutes later , with a big grin on his face later, and says “Your approved for anything on the floor.”

That me friends is how it all started.

I walked out of the dealership that day owning a brand new 2008 Yamaha Roadstar Warrior.

I added the soft bags and the box on the rear along with changing the seat and exhaust.

We are talking about 1700CC of candy apple red excitement!

Unfortunately in the shipping process from, Kansas to Germany, the bike sustained some cosmetic damage. Somehow there was a dent put in the gas tank and some of the paint was chipped off causing the spot to start to rust.

The first winter in Moscow the bike was rolled into my apartment,  torn apart and painted. Seeing as how money was an issue the cheapest paint that could be sourced was put to use. That paint just happened to be Soviet Army green.

Tearing apart for painting and modification. This became a yearly tradition in Moscow.

I think every machine needs a good name, a name that fits the heart and sole of the machine. Finally upon reassembly of the bike in the winter of 2012-13, Yoshi was born!

Yoshi was not a name chosen is was a name earned! Yes he was named after Yoshi in the Super Mario games. I settled on this name for some of  the following reasons

1. Both Yoshi’s are a shade of green

2. Yoshi in the game carries Mario’s lazy behind all over their world. My Yoshi hauls my large rear end all over our world.

Yoshi is born!!!!!!!!!

     3. In the game Yoshi eats berries and craps little eggs with surprises inside.   My Yoshi eats an insane amount of fuel and craps pure fun and excitement

4. Yoshi would occasionally throw Mario off and run around free. My Yoshi has been known to have a temper and set me on the road to have a free run.

Every winter Yoshi gets a full spa treatment. This includes a complete tear down of the frame and lubrication of all bearings and changing of all fluids. In addition any modifications deemed helpful or necessary to improve handling or conditions on the road, for travelling, are carried out.

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