Abandoned Space Camp and Bunkers!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

May 8, 2016
The weather man said there should be a window in the middle of the day with no rain so well lets go!
The planned route for the day!
First I had to go pick up Olya. She lives on the opposite side of the Dnepr from me so it was a few killometers.
After picker her up I crossed Kiev again to get on the road towards Zhitomer. There is some bunkers not far from Kiev in that direction
The first bunker is supposed to be under a bridge.
Well it took us a minute but we found it literally under the bridge, as in they poured the concrete over the bunkers
Thats the entrance now
I scrambled up the side of the embankment to peer inside.
Immediately I knew the odds of me fitting inside were not good
Then I stuck my head in the hold to look at what was beyond. You had to crawl through one of the ports they would of used for shooting out of, its about 8 inches tall and a foot wide….
I still thought to try it but then I figured getting out would probably be a hell of a lot harder than getting in.
Seeing on how I didnt want to be stuck in the bunker, or halfway in the bunker, We passed and moved on to the next one.
We came to the turn to go to the next bunker and there was a sign that said something like resort for the Militisia…. We were hesitant but went anyways.
I get to where the bunker should be and it is inside of a children’s camp across the street from the Militisia resort…. Ok well lets not break in to check it out and move on to the next one.
I was a bit embarrassed at this point so far my promise of bunkers turned up 2 duds soo lets keep going.
A little further down the road where the next bunker should be we see this.
An abandoned space camp. The bunker is inside there somewhere. Well the gate was locked but we found a walking gate that was opened so went in. Passed a ferocious guard dog, that didnt move or make a sound, and started wondering around.
It was quiet a strange feeling really
All these building just locked up and left.
This one was full of bed springs
We roamed and roamed and roamed. Finally we think we found a bunker but its so over grown and covered with trash we really dont know
We walked back tot he bike, it was still there :), We were hot after tramping around so took a break for a minute. Then got some photos because well its a freaking abandoned space camp so why not!
Meet Olya
Today is her first motorcycle ride.
We came to see bunkers but so far have had other adventures. She is ok with it just look at her smile!
We headed down the road. The next bunker was about 11 km away. I wanted to stay on paved roads mostly because it had been raining the last 2 days so didnt want to subject her to the chaos of riding in mud.
This bunker is in the middle of a town called Irpen, Ukraine. We saw it was were excited because it was intact!
We stopped and realized its locked and we cant get in…. ugh really
You can see some of the damage to it though
Ok now its just comical 4 bunkers 2 we find but cant enter 1 we know where it is but cant get to it and 1 we think we found but dont know…. Ya I am embarrassed for sure at this point.
Olya had made some lunch so we sat on the bunker ate and I looked for the next target
The next one was close se we decided to walk.
We got closer and our hopes rose again because it was intact
Some guys were working nearby and the bunker was opened!!!!
It had been restored recently so this was by far the best one I have found!
No guns but the places for them was complete!
They had tried to set it up as it would of been
We went to the basement next
It was empty but it was a nice excursion!
We decided to head back to Kiev. There were a couple of bunkers on the way to see though.
The next bunker was down a dirt path probably 500 meters, no pictures but it was pretty bad.
The bunker was destroyed though
It was easily accessible so loaded with trash we moved on quickly
Next one was a little harder to find but still with trash
You can still see the trenches that lead to it though
The sun was out, even though my god told me it was supposed to be raining by now. So we decided to walk about 2 km into the woods to find another bunker
We finally found it and with little trash!
Here is that sexy American pose I am so good at!
After that we headed back to Kiev. Pulling in just as it started raining! In the end the day wasnt successful from the bunkers point but we both enjoyed the adventures that ensued do to our inability to find bunkers 🙂
By the way I am not obsessed with bunkers. I have been stuck in Keiv due to work obligations. So since I cant venture to far from Kiev and still want to ride somewhere these bunkers are the perfect escape. Get a little riding in walk around in a forest and see something. Much better than sitting at home!