8 Day trip to Kamchatka and Sakhalin Island – January 2015

Friday, January 2, 2015

Kamchatka, Russia!

The flight to Kamchatka was long a boring. Flying over 8 time zones and all of Russia.
When we were finally able to get off the plane we werent greeted by much.
The airport was small and dull. after waiting almost 2 hours for our bags we got a taxi to take us to our hotel 30km away
We dropped our bags off and went to the main town, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, to explore
Its right on the coast and it was windy and cold!
There was a small festival going on so we hung out for a bit
We didnt know it at the time but we would end up in a car similar to the one on the left
Walking around town we found a few interesting things
This is the largest outdoor skating rink I have ever seen!
The next day we woke up and got a taxi to take us to a hot springs near by.
We talked on the way there and he agreed he would wait for us to finish and then take us back.
I didnt get any hot spring photos since it was a commercial thing they didnt really like cameras.
On the way back our tour guide took us to a few interesting places
like where Russia begins
We talked to the driver and he said he had a jeep and could take us to a real hot springs. We agreed but first the next day we had planned for snowboarding
Kamchatka is where the Russian National skiing teams practice. There was alot of people there and most were very good
We enjoyed some tea and relaxed a bit before heading back
The next day we meet our taxi friend and his jeep. We jumped and and he took off. Then he turned off the road onto some tracks and kept going we drove through all kinds of wilderness before coming upon the wild hot springs
We were the second people there
The water was almost to hot and it was filled with all kinds of minerals.
When we left the hot springs my camera broke…. I guess some water got inside it at the springs,
So I have no photos of the second half of our trip to Sakhalin. But we made it to Sakhalin at the begening of a snow storm. We went to bed and there was almost no snow. When we woke up there was 1 meter of snow. We walked to a museum and when we left there was now 2 meters of snow! This went on for a full day until close to 3 meters fell! We didnt get to do much since the snow almost shut the city down.
We almost missed our flight back to Moscow but we made it as the last passengers and all worked out!

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