35 Hour Train Ride to Murmansk

Friday, February 13, 2015

We got on a train in the after noon on February 12 in Tver, Russia. The next stop was Murmansk, 35 hours away.
The train ride was rather boring. There isnt much to do and the scenery doesnt change to terribly often, mostly trees.
Ksusha decided to knit
Then at some point she made a new friend
On Friday we were some where in Karellia when I heard English on the train. Then I heard old ladies arguing with someone. Upon further investigation there was one Chinese guy on the train and 3 Russian guys had gotten him started drinking. The Chinese guy was really drunk but the Russians wanted him to drink more so the old ladies where yelling at them to stop.
I went and talked to him and he decided not to drink anymore.
A little later the train stopped at one station for about 30 minutes. Okcana got off the train to walk around and came back with this
Ksushas Friend also got off the train so she decided to bother me for the remaining 15 hours.
Finally we arrived in Murmansk.
We only had one night in Murmansk before getting on the train and riding 15 hours back to a different city.