2014 Northern Star Alliance Warrior meeting

Saturday, July 5, 2014

I was able to get my tent up and inside just in time!!! About 3 minutes later thunder lightening rain and the hail!
After it was over I went outside to check the damage. nothing torn up on the tent or motorcycle. So I relaxed the rest of the evening knowing I only had about 60km to go until Tampere.
I got to Tampere early wanting to get some shopping done. Zalama told me a few places to possibly pick up some new WATERPROOF gloves. I got to the place at 10:30 but it wasn’t open the garage and mechanics were working so I asked how do I get in. They told me it doesn’t open until 10. I looked at them pulled my phone out said umm its 10:30. They stared at me like I was an idiot and said no its 9:30. DOH I must of passed over a time zone somewhere and lost an hour…..
Anyways I eventually got a new pair of gloves!
I got some lunch then had time to kill since I just gained that hour. Found a place to unroll my tent and let it dry out
I had been having issues with, what I hoped was, my starter switch. Sometimes I would press the start button but nothing happened. So still killing time I decided to take it apart in the parking lot.
This was the inside of the switch housing. I don’t know how a bee got in there but I hope he is related to that SOB that stung me on my way to Volgograd a while back.
Put it back together with a dab of electrical grease and looked like everything worked. About this time everyone started showing up! the main reason for the trip was this meeting of a few fellow Warrior owners!
It was time to go out to eat so we all moved our bikes to the garage. When I started mine the tachometer was dead….. No light on it nothing. Well Ill look into that tomorrow. Started it up parked it and off into the night we all went
My only requirement for the meeting was on the 4th of July I wanted a Hamburger and beer to celebrate. Well Zalama did not disappoint.
We ended up at this 50’s style American diner and the waitress even had an American accent.
After that we went to a little bar. They had some Viking Mead! So we all had a good time .Sweden and Finland represented
I am beginning to think Finland is a long lost state of America. I have seen more old Muscle Cars here than I would see in the states. Just random old American cars.

The Sun almost wanted to set this was a bit after midnight, I think

One of the guys that came in from Sweden was having issues with his bike. It still ran but not at full power, not a Warrior. After talking with him he finally convinced us to go ahead with out him. So first everyone get the bikes out of the garage and into some kind of order.
To start the ride out there were only 6 of us but the weather was PERFECT! Not to hot not to cold.
First stop was atop this hill that had a car museum.
It was really a great museum and out back they had a little tower you could climb to see out over the trees.
I think this tricycle was Zalamas back in the day by the looks of it maybe last summer when his bike was down
Our first attempt at a group shot in the tower.
We made another pit stop down the road we had one more guy going to meet us there so we waited a bit.
Here is our group shot! This took a couple trys to get right but in the end it was worth it.
This was the last stop of the day. I think the ride out was something about 250 km. Beautiful scenery great people all in all it was a good day!
That night we ended up going out for dinner again. I didn’t bring my camera but I think some of the guys have some photos on their phones. I don’t think things got tooooooo out of hand
Our poor Swedish friend with the bike issues couldn’t get it resolved. He decided to start the drive back in the evening so he could catch a ferry to take him most of the way.